‘Miracle Workers: Dark Ages’ Trailer Turns Daniel Radcliffe into a ‘Monty Python’ Character

ARTNEWSPRESS: TBS released the first trailer for Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, the second season the comedy series Miracle Workers starring Daniel RadcliffeSteve BuscemiKaran Soni (Deadpool), Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers), and Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick). Rather than continue the story laid out in the first season, Miracle Workers is taking an anthological approach to this new season by bringing the same cadre of actor and throwing them into an entirely new world and story.

Art news Press ‘Miracle Workers: Dark Ages’ Trailer Turns Daniel Radcliffe into a ‘Monty Python’ Character

The results? A weird, meta, and ultimately hilarious-looking new tale set in the Middle Ages which gives off series Monty Python vibes. Fans of the first will no doubt have fun seeing which new characters each actor will be playing and the kinds of hijinks they get into. But, because this is an anthology, this story and world should also be pretty approachable for you, too. So if you like what you see when you watch the trailer (trust me, there’s plenty to like), then you should absolutely tune in when Dark Ages premieres in January 2020.

So, what’s happening in Dark Ages? Well, a couple things. First, there’s Radcliffe playing a milquetoast prince who isn’t quite the brutish ruler his father (played by Serafinowicz) seems to be. This seems desperate for approval as a solid successor to the throne but seems to struggle with all the weirdness of medieval life, including being a prince amidst it all while his friends (Soni) keeps him grounded. Speaking of struggling, it looks like Viswanathan is going to have a ton of fun as an ahead-of-her-time young woman constantly baffled by how bananas living in the Middle Ages truly is. Among the best moments in the trailer is seeing her in class and looking completely appalled as her teacher says matter-of-factly that the world is flat and the devil is real before congratulating the class on knowing everything there is to know. Last but certainly not least is Buscemi, who seems poised to be the biggest comedic relief of all as a happy-go-lucky peasant who is regularly at risk of being killed for no reason at all. Friends, you love to see it.

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages will be released on TBS on January 28, 2020.  Check out the trailer below and for more TV goodness, check out our roundup of the best shows on Hulu right now.


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