Sections of the Fajr International Film Festival

Main sections:

Happiness Cinema (International Race)

Oriental Effect (panorama of Asian and Islamic countries)

Jahannama Cup (Festival of Festivals)

Lateral sections

The presentation of the restored classic films

Documentary under the magnifying glass

Special Shows (Browse for Works and Commemorations)

Works of popular genres

Broken branches of olive (a gate to the developments of the day of the Islamic world)

An overview of the works of cinema of other countries / prominent cinemas


Academy of Sciences(Armed Taliban with young Iranian filmmakers, region and world)

Academic Sessions

Seminars and workshops


Describe the duties of the festival secretary

By organizing the necessary organizational structure and organizing the festival, the festival’s secretary will identify the focus of the festival’s programs and, in coordination with the cinema organization and other organizations, will provide the necessary planning to hold the festival appropriately. Meanwhile, the director of the palace and the palace’s executive director and the management of the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, and research affairs and the attraction of the audience directly.

   Description of duties of the chairman and chief executive of the festival palace

  1. The head of the festival palace, a well-known Iranian and world cinema, plays the role of ambassador of the festival before and during the festival’s opening ceremony.  Attending the festival palace at the meetings of the national and international figures, they will be welcomed by some kind of guests and personalities and will be accompanied by necessary accompaniment. Honest, informal and friendly meetings are held with filmmakers and international and national guests by the President of the Palace of the Festival.
  2. The Executive Director of the Palace of the Festival, which is selected among prominent domestic and international artists of interest to guests, has the following duties:
  3. Understanding the duties and tricks of all the festival’s executive departments and current policies and regulations, getting acquainted with the actors on the one hand and familiarizing the guests on the other hand, will take the role of host in the festival.  With its effective presence and excellent supervision, the removal of shortcomings and shortcomings, and giving attention to administrators will increase the quality of services, and in the event of tensions, it manages the management of the public space of the festival. The manager of this area has a strong assistant and enjoys the support of all scheduled and executing directors, especially project control and ceremonies.

Job Description Section Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

Mission: Planning to hold the full opening and closing ceremony of the festival.

In charge of the opening ceremony and closing ceremony, in coordination with the festival’s secretary, he plans to complete the programs related to the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival and the selection of the contractors concerned for the assignment of the ceremony to them and continuous monitoring of the proper conduct of affairs.


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