The Batman: Colin Farrell Denies Penguin Look, Says He Hasn’t Started Filming

Artnewspress: The Batman star Colin Farrell denies the previously-leaked look at his appearance as The Penguin, saying he hasn’t started filming yet. It didn’t take long for photos to leak from the set of Matt Reeves’ DC movie after production began earlier this month. In addition to Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne on a motorbike (sans Batsuit), images from the set appear to show a silver-white haired Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot. Reeves later confirmed Farrell is playing The Penguin as reported, but refrained from commenting on whether that was him in those photos.

Not long after that, additional photos showed Farrell sporting silver-white hair along with a mustache off-set, presumably for his role in The Batman. It was a very different look for the character, who’s always been clean-shaven in his previous live-action appearances. Now, however, Farrell is saying his getup wasn’t for a movie at all, but something he did in-between projects.

During his appearance on The Ellen Show, Farrell had brown hair and claimed he likes to “do something – it might even be as simple as paint a nail black or get a haircut” after an intense film production. He went on to say he got his hair dyed after his most recent shoot, but had to get it fixed when it kept changing colors (including the silver-white look he was seen sporting a few days ago). As for The Batman, Farrell said his dye job was unrelated and he won’t even begin shooting his scenes in the film for another two weeks, much like his costar Zoë Kravitz.

Although it’s possible Farrell is telling the truth, his explanation is, frankly, a little suspect. It seems unlikely he got the pronounced silver-white look he had in those photos without bleaching his hair beforehand, as opposed to dying it on a lark like the actor indicated he did. Amusingly enough, The Batman wouldn’t even be the first DC movie to recently stir up a hair dye-related controversy online. Last fall’s Joker featured a scene where protagonist Arthur Fleck is somehow able to dye his hair deep green without bleaching it first. The scene has since been ridiculed across social media by people (women especially) who know how impossible that would be to do. For the same reasons, the odds seem against Farrell’s hair accidentally turning purely silver-white like it was in those photos.That being said, there’s certainly still a chance Farrell is being honest and will have a more traditional look as The Penguin in The Batman. He might even sport the villain’s trademark monocle and top hat, as previous live-action versions of the character have in television and film. Farrell won’t be the only actor playing a Bat-rogue in the movie either, with Kravitz playing the classic antihero Catwoman and Paul Dano reportedly bringing The Riddler to life. And after Farrell’s years of great work as a character actor, fans are just as eagerly looking forward to finding out how he will play The Penguin as what he (and his hair) will look like in The Batman.


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