Trailer for Doc ‘Chichinette: The Accidental Spy’ About Marthe Cohn

ARTNEWSPRESS: “Nobody spoke about the war. So I didn’t either.” Kino Lorber has unveiled the official trailer for an indie documentary titled Chichinette: The Accidental Spy, made by German doc filmmaker/cinematographer Nicolas Hens. She tells the story of how Marthe Cohn, a 99 year old Jewish woman born in France, became a spy in Nazi Germany. For decades after the war ended she never spoke about the experience, but now she travels the globe to share her story as “The Accidental Spy”. This truly seems like a remarkably fascinating story, not your usual war story, with a few good insight about life and survival and everything else in France. She almost seems as spunky and outspoken as the late Agnes Varda. Another new doc that is worth a watch.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Nicola Hens’ doc Chichinette: The Accidental Spy, on YouTube:


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