What Is Red Skull’s Purpose in the Future of the MCU?

Artnewspress : One of the biggest surprises in Avengers: Infinity War was the return of Captain America’s arch-nemesis, the Red Skull, as a wraith doomed to watch over the soul stone on the planet Vormir for all of eternity. Recently, actor Ross Marquand, who took over the role of Red Skull from Hugo Weaving, spoke to youtube channel Nerds4Life about a possible return of his character in future MCU movies.

“I haven’t [been asked to return], but I would jump at the chance to do it again. I think that role obviously belongs to Hugo, he is the person that originated it and I loved what he did with that. If his heart is in a different place and he no longer wants to return, I would truly again be honored to play that character again.”

The events of Avengers: Eddgame took the infinity gems out of the equation, at least for the time being. And to Marquand’s understanding, from what the makers of the films told him, that means the Red Skull is now basically a free agent.

“[Directors Anthony and Joe Russo] said once the Red Skull is released of the Soul Stone, once Thanos gets it and then once Hawkeye gets it, he’s essentially free. But if we think about it, there’s all these different multiverses now. So in one multiverse, when Thanos frees him, he’s free. I would imagine the first thing he would do if he still has a vendetta, or if any part of him still has ambition, would go back to Earth.”

Marquand has confirmed that the future of the MCU involves healthy doses of the multiverse from Marvel comics. The multiverse is a collection of universes that all exist in the same space but in different dimensions. Each universe in that collection contains its own cast of MCU characters, with slightly different versions of the heroes and villains we have gotten to see in the MCU so far.

And according to Marquand, in any least one of those universes, the Red Skull was freed of his duty towards the soul stone and made his way back to Earth. But his journey across space and time would surely have had an effect on the character, as Marquand further elaborates.

“Maybe he wants to enact revenge, maybe he wants to keep his diabolical plan going. Or maybe he doesn’t care at all. I imagine when you’re graced with infinite wisdom, you’re also graced, or cursed, with infinite pain and suffering. So he’s probably, I would imagine on one level, he’s over it. He doesn’t need to conquer anybody, because he’s [unliving].”

It is clear that Marquand believes there is still a great deal of story about the Red Skull that could potentially unfold in future movies. Perhaps there could even be a future movie where the Red Skull has seen the error of his ways and now sides with the heroes. Only time will tell if fans will get to see nazi-turned-soul-stone protector-turned-free-spirit on the big screen once again. This news comes from


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