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Some friends ask me why, you set up this news site with these media conditions and problems, with so many old movie websites, well this goes back to my years ago traveling to Spain, I noticed the Malaga Festival at Now with a Spanish-speaking friend we went by train to Malaga, southern Spain I think we were just a few hours away, okay. It was a pretty, pretty little town. Everybody was full of posters and pictures of the festival film, of course. We didn’t have cards so we couldn’t go inside the set, but I remember staying there until night. And we were talking to reporters and some of the guests, all of us in Iran and in Iranian cinema, all of us agreed, we knew Iranian cinema a little bit, but we had no information, no news in the South American language, even insisting that in Spain a lot of people didn’t speak English, And a person interested in Iranian cinema should inform, I always told myself after finishing a trip back to Iran why we didn’t think in most of our media as non-Iranian cinema people, we were very We have tourists in the country, dependents of embassies, foreigners, government officials, etc. Ron and people interested in Iranian cinema often deprived of news, good friends with the media. A few people decided to provide the first Cinema News Database in several languages, from startups to launches. It took two or three years, material problems, office, miscellaneous expenses. And permissions. We left everyone behind anyway and finally. Half-Shaaban we officially opened. I know this kid is still a little kid, and he’s a big kid, but how the private sector can continue with this cultural work, well, we’re not disappointed and with these entrepreneurial friends for a better tomorrow. And we are going to have a moment in the midst of these tough days … in the hope of happy and good moments.

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