Deadpool 3: BossLogic Creates Poster That Teases Wolverine’s Return

Artnewspress : Big news came in for Marvel fans this week when it was revealed Disney is reportedly moving ahead with a Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds with new writers, Wendy Molyneaux and Lizzie Molyneaux-Loeglin. The franchise’s fate has been up in the air ever since Disney merged with Fox due to the fact that Deadpool isn’t exactly mouse-material despite being a Marvel property. However, it appears the first two films were a big enough success to warrant a third under the Disney umbrella. In fact, it’s even expected to keep the R-rating that made the first two movies so fresh. While details of the story have not been released, fans are already dreaming of an appearance by Wolverine. While it’s unlikely that Hugh Jackman will step back into the role, Reynolds has been pushing for it for a long time. In the spirit of hopefulness, one of our favorite artists, BossLogic, created a Deadpool 3 poster this week that teases Wolverine’s return.

“D3ADPOOL!,” BossLogic wrote. You can check out their art below, which features a clever use of the number 3 as well as claw marks that could only be the work of Wolverine.

Even if Jackman doesn’t pop up in Deadpool 3, a new X-Men cast is expected to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe eventually, which means Reynolds could get his wish in the form of a new actor. However, we’re willing to bet Deadpool 3 will happen before any major X-Men casting decisions are announced.

As for Reynolds and Jackman, the actors’ longstanding feud began because Reynolds would not stop pestering Jackman to appear in the Deadpool films. While we don’t expect Reynolds to give up the fight, their feud has grown bigger than simple cameo requests. In fact, they recently took their feud to Sam’s Club to both promote their respective beverage companies and support a good cause.

Any purchases of Reynolds’ Aviation Gin or Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee at Sam’s Club locations through December 20th will count as a “vote” for Team Ryan or Team Hugh. If you want to participate without making a purchase, you can also vote online. You can also enter for the chance to win an invite to a virtual party with Reynolds and Jackman. Ultimately, the actor who wins will just earn bragging rights since Sam’s Club already pledged to donate equal amounts to both the Laughing Man Foundation and the SickKids Foundation after the contest ends.

Would you like to see Wolverine in Deadpool 3? Tell us in the comments!


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